Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage

In the event of a fire, the priority is to extinguish any flames and make sure that all occupants of the house are out of harm’s way.  As soon as the fire is out and everyone has been accounted for, you are left with a heavily damaged home that is unfit for living. Fire Damage is the act of cleaning and restoring property as well as personal belongings that have sustained smoke or fire damage.  The goal of fire damage restorations services is to salvage damaged items and restore your home so that it can once again be inhabited.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

CORE Group specializes in providing fire damage restoration, using advanced equipment and cleaning products to remove soot, smoke damage, odors from various surfaces and salvage personal contents. CORE can also help the property owner make decisions about repairing or replacing certain elements of their HVAC system that require full restoration or replacement, as fire can release smoke and soot particles into the air, causing breathing problems and contributing to other health related issues.

Another important element of fire damage restoration is the removal of burned components such as walls, ceilings, and floor coverings. Structural frame materials and components throughout the home are thoroughly examined and replaced if char or deformation is found. Are recyclable, treated with deodorant to remove any smoke odors Allow components to dry completely before sealing and covering with new drywall and siding It is important to remove the odor before installing new drywall and siding, otherwise the odor will continue exit into the house.

During fire remediation, companies can use one of several methods to neutralize the odor throughout the home, including ozone deodorization or wet or dry fogging. Deodorization is usually done on the areas with the least damage first, continuing to more damaged areas along the process. To avoid health risks or major property damage, deodorization is best done by a CORE professional. The property should be ventilated during and after each phase of the renovation to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the materials. All removable personal items can be submitted to the fire damage cleanup and restoration provider for full offsite restoration.

If your home is severely damaged by a fire, it is important to call CORE Group’s fire restoration experts right away. This will ensure you limit damage and save more of your home. You can help restrict additional damage by acting quickly and working with fire damage professionals CORE Group has in your local area. Let CORE’s team of service providers help you regain your life after such a devastating and traumatic event.